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Celina's Platform

My platform embraces the interconnected pillars of Community, Compassion, and Consciousness. This collective approach is designed to cultivate a flourishing, inclusive, and forward-thinking Toronto for all of us. By nurturing a strong sense of community, fostering genuine compassion in our actions, and elevating consciousness in our decision-making, we will create a welcoming, empathetic, and visionary city where each of us can thrive, feel valued, and actively contribute to our shared growth and success. Together, we will shape a brighter future for Toronto and its residents.


Affordable housing is the foundation for building strong and vibrant communities. As Mayor of Toronto, I am committed to tackling this issue with bold solutions that address the root causes of the crisis and ensure that all residents have access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing.


Prioritizing safety, service, and equity is crucial to ensuring that the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is accessible, reliable, and affordable for all residents.


I believe in a comprehensive approach that includes investing in mental health crisis response teams, supporting diversion programs that partner mental health professionals with police, and addressing disproportionate police responses to racialized communities.

Meet Celina

As a dedicated advocate committed to promoting equity and inclusivity, I have served my community with fervor and integrity. As a published author with a background in coaching, public speaking, and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion, I have spent my career empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. As a former Member of Parliament, I have extensive experience advocating for my constituents and working collaboratively across party lines to advance important issues. I am excited to bring my unique perspective and leadership style to the Mayor's office and to work together with Torontonians to create a city that is more vibrant, inclusive, sustainable and rooted in love.

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    What People Are Saying

    "Toronto needs a bold and courageous leader as Mayor, while we navigate through these turbulent times. I have known Celina Caesar-Chavannes for years and she has clearly demonstrated her leadership, courage, and willingness to work for the people. I am happy to support Celina in her campaign to become Toronto's next Mayor."

    Louis March
    Founder, Zero Gun Violence Movement

    What People Are Saying

    "Celina Caesar-Chavannes has already proven her character - so I’m excited to see what she brings into this mayoral race."

    Samanta Krishnapillai
    Founder, On Canada Project

    What People Are Saying

    "CCC has always been a supporter of my artistic journey as a visual communicator and of my company LIWI68. Her commitment to the Scarborough community totally speaks to her character of service. From funding the IMANI program at University of Toronto Scarborough, to her COVID advocacy as part of the Black Scientists Task Force, she shows love for all of us. — We see you."

    Mark Stoddart
    Founder, @LIWI68 & Proud Scarborough Resident

    Why I'm Running For Mayor

    I am running for Mayor because I believe that Toronto is at a crossroads and demands bold and compassionate leadership to address the complex challenges facing our city. I am committed to working with communities to build a brighter future for all Torontonians, grounded in love and driven by a passion for creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable city.


    Join me and let’s work together to create a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future for all Torontonians.